Organic gardening supplies: Here's what you need

by Sheryl Padilla 11/05/2023

Organic gardening supplies include more than hoes and shovels. While the basic garden tools are important, there are other things gardeners should have to make their experience more successful and comfortable.

Here is a quick guide to more essential organic gardening supplies:

Protective apparel

Odds are that your organic garden is outside and exposed to the elements. That means that every moment you spend working in your garden is time in the hot sun or cold. Protective apparel such as a wide-brimmed hat and breathable, long-sleeved tops are crucial in keeping you comfortable and preventing sunburn.

Gardening gloves not only keep your hands clean, but protect you from minor pokes, cuts and splinters. Proper footwear is also essential to make sure you have the fitting support and protection against soggy ground cover.

Pots & containers

Having a supply of pots and other containers available for transplanting and taking special care of plants is extremely helpful in organic gardening. Whether you’re attempting to grow vegetables from seeds or protecting tender flowers from the cold, you can use containers to move plants where they need to go.


Burlap is a strong and useful material to have in your organic gardening supplies. A great way to use burlap is in place of sun cloth or protective frost covering. The weave allows for air circulation while still blocking damage from the elements. Even better: burlap is biodegradable, making it a sustainable choice over synthetic cloths or coverings.

Moisture meter

Over watering is a prominent reason why plants die and organic gardens fail. To avoid this, have a moisture meter in your gardening tools. You can use these convenient mobile testing devices to measure the amount of water in the soil before you water, a key element for any organic gardener.


Compost is a valuable fertilizer for organic gardening. Made from kitchen scraps, fallen leaves and other organic matter, compost feeds your garden with essential plant nutrients and nutritious food such as nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.


While the amount of recommended tools might seem exhaustive, having these essentials available will improve your gardening experience. If you’re interested in starting or maintaining an organic garden of your own, keep these supplies on your list.

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